Frequently Asked Questions — at the time, a psychology student and someone who had been in psychotherapy — wrote this frequently asked questions (FAQ) file about psychotherapy. Although it is somewhat outdated, it still has a lot of good information about psychotherapy and the therapy process.

So many people have asked me questions about therapy and there is so little information out there on the web that I decided to write this Psychotherapy FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions file). Its purpose is to help people who are not yet in therapy but would like to try it out.

Who are we?
What is Therapy On Call?
Who are the therapists?
What is the cost for therapy?
Is Therapy On Call right for me?
Can Therapyoncall substitute for traditional face-to-face therapy?
I signed up. How long until I'm matched with a counselor?
What if I have a mental health emergency?
How will I communicate with my Therapist?
How does messaging work?
How do live chat sessions work?
How long is each session and what days can I schedule?
How long can I be in therapy?
How will I pay for my therapy ?
How can I be sure that this is an effective form of counseling?
How is my privacy protected?
How soon can I start?
Can I go back and read the counselor's previous messages ?
Can I select my therapist?
Can I switch therapists?
Can I use my insurance?
What is the role of ?
Can I stay anonymous?
I'm a licensed counselor. How can I provide services using Therapyoncall ?